Motion Design, Campaign
MAR 2022

(D&AD Newblood 2022 Entry - Do The Green Thing)

Develop a response that not only raises awareness of the polluting effects of the fashion industry, but also drives change.


Greenwashing is a growing problem where companies claim that their products are eco-friendly to hide harsher truths in their production cycle. 47% of companies aren‘t willing to disclose where their clothes come from.

Do the Green Thing are clearing up the confusion with the GoodThing label. An independent symbol (akin to Fairtrade) across all stores, both on the high street and online, that allows you to shop without guilt. GoodThing‘s researchers will ensure that all clothes with the label are both sustainable and carbon neutral.

By switching from fast fashion to products with the GoodThing label, we can reduce the fashion industry's harmful effects on the environment to a much safer level. The labels are subtle and can be worn proudly, allowing you to save the planet in style.