The Garage

Branding, Visual Identity
DEC 2021


Repurpose an abandoned space into somewhere that benefits the community.


Transforming the old garage in Buckingham into a record shop by day and gig venue by night - giving 16-25 year-olds a much-needed place to socialise, meet new friends and enjoy music together. The visual identity surrounding this hangout space captures the loud and dynamic atmosphere shared by young people and independent bands in a way that feels welcoming - whilst retaining the heritage of the iconic building.


The Garage logo incorporates iconic elements from this locally-renowned building, such as its arched windows and retro petrol pumps.

Depending on the size of the application, The Garage can make use of the three marks in its logo system, including: the main logo, a large-scale logo and an icon.

The Garage’s tri-colour palette consists of mechanic-themed internal names:
“Aluminium”, “Tire Black” and “Petrol Can Red”


To give the young people of Buckingham a place to feel at home - both during the day and at night - The Garage’s upstairs holds a masterfully-curated record store. Gig-goers and music-lovers can enjoy shopping for vinyls and merch together, whilst discussing their picks with each other in this welcoming space.

Customers can also visit The Garage website to purchase tickets, discover artists and check stock online.